Thank you for making my diabetic life so much easier!
Hi Katie. I received my pump bands today and am so thankful!! Although the price was a bit on the high side for me I can now say that it was totally worth it! I’ve had a pump for maybe 2 months now and while all the other bands/cases etc that I have used have either stretched out of shape, or the window has been too big for the pump screen, your bands are amazing. The window is so clear and such good quality and I love the adjustable band. My old one didn’t have a detachable part, so I had to slip in and out of it pulling it up my body from my ankles like pants, it was so frustrating. I love that yours have a hook part to fasten and unfasten, truly makes things so much easier.
You should be really proud, thank you for making my diabetic life so much easier!!”

- Heidi Rogers

Wow!!! Thank you so much! packaged arrived the day I received your email. My daughter loves your product. She said it's the most comfortable pump belt so far.  Once you get the nude back in stock, I will order that one for her too. Thanks a bunch!!!!!

-Araseli, mother, US

Subject: Amazing product! 
Message: Thank you! I have always struggled to find ways to secure my pump when I’m wearing dresses or jumpsuits. I love how the strap is adjustable and can be worn on the hips or thighs. I can’t wait to try it while working out!

- Aysha Mohamed, May 2019

“I have just seen your web site and got so excited.  We live in South Africa and don’t have anything like your products here, would you ship to South Africa?  My daughter is 16 with Type 1 and she just loves all your pouches and panties.  You make life a little easier with pump and Riley link”

-Leigh Pereira, July 2019 

“I bought my first body bands before I got my pump last September! They are an absolute god send in this heat, just change it each day 😃 So easy to wash and dry so quickly.”

 - Lesley Dixon, July 2019

Message: Hi there I made my first purchase from you a few months ago & absolutely love it. I am very keen to purchase a couple more as I can’t find any products here in Australia that are as comfy & suited for me, Thanks Steve, Australia

 - Steve, Australia, July 2019

“Thank you so much. Have worked in customer service more years that I want to count and I always feel like you don't know really a company until something goes wrong. You have been amazing to deal with and I'll be coming to you first in the future for pump accessories! Already got my eye on the glucose monitor pouch!”

- Laura Beaton, Northern Ireland

“This message is a long time overdue…I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely ADORE the panties! They are super cute, they fit perfectly, and they keep my insulin pump nice and secure and out of the way. I just love them! Thank you so so much for EVERYTHING!!!”

 - Tricia Wotipka, June 2019

“I have got several accessories from yourselves for my Accu-chek Insight pump and am always really impressed with the quality of products and how fast the delivery is. The body bands are so comfy that I forget I'm wearing one. I now have 3 body bands and pouches so I can wear them under any top or dress. The flowery kit case is fabulous and fits everything in, the colours are amazing as I can always find it, even in a darkened room!"

- Angela Walker, June 2019

“Thank you for your email. The bands are for my “almost a teenager!” 😊daughter. (T1D since 18 months old) She already has a couple of black multi bands & really loves them. She was struggling a couple of years ago as her pump being uncomfortable or showing through her clothes was a real issue for her. Hid-In really helped so thank you 🙏 "

- Lisa Ball, June 2019

“Wow!!! Thank you so much! packaged arrived the day I received your email. My daughter loves your product. She said it's the most comfortable pump belt so far.  Once you get the nude back in stock,I will order that one for her too. Thanks a bunch!!!!!”

- Araseli, mother, USA, June 2019

“We received our order today. Ellie was sooooooooo excited! She tried it on right away and started jumping up and down to test out how well she could play with it on. It seemed to pass the test ;-) !
She is wearing one of the new belts to sleep tonight.” 

- Brett, USA, June 2019

Subject: Amazing product!
Message: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try the Hid-In pocket for my insulin pump! I have always struggled to find ways to secure my pump when I’m wearing dresses or jumpsuits. I love how the strap is adjustable and can be worn on the hips or thighs. I can’t wait to try it while working out!

- Aysha Mohamed, May 2019

“I have been Type 1 for  almost 43 years and I have been wearing my Accu-Chek Insight pump in your body bands daily for for around four years now. They are so comfortable and the best band I have found - I don’t bother with any others now! Love hearing your updates on face book!”

- Christina Graham, May 2018

“I’ve had about 5 body bands since I first started getting them and I must say they are amazing. Definitely the best thing I’ve found to make my pump as discrete as possible!”

-Helen Smith, May 2019

“I've been looking at the mailbox for days, and today I finally arrived! I can not be happier and happier with the package! Thank you very much with all my heart! ♥”

“I’ve been meaning to get in touch and say thank you!
My baby is 8 months now but I would have been lost without my body bands through pregnancy, they were so comfortable, even when I was about to pop and my tummy was huge! 
I was new to the Insight pump and when I was introduced to your website it made the transition from insulin pens to pump so much easier. Managing my diabetes with pregnancy was a bit of a rollercoaster with all the hormones. I was so blessed to have a wonderful diabetes nurse, Lynne Jerreat, who was an absolute superstar and helped me manage my pump and keep my HBA1C perfect. 
Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your amazing products. So pleased I ordered them.”

-Lara Beckford, New Mum! May 2019

“My 14yr old daughter only got her new pump today and when we got home she had received her order already, it was great timing. Thank you for the speedy delivery and easy online ordering. We will definitely be ordering again from your company

- Yvette Murphy Mulraney, May 2019

“I wanted to let u know that I received my package & been using the belt for about a week now, & oh how neat of an item it is, it made my life quite a bit easier & more comfortable. Thank you.”

- Anas Hamada, Bahrain, April 2019

“I’ve tried a couple of different ways to wear my Medtronic 640g pump (clipping into my clothes, stuffing down my tights/ in my bra) but I can honestly say this Multiway Body Band from Hid-In is by far the best. It’s super comfy and easily adjustable so you can wear it around your waist, hips, or even the top of your leg like a garter.
Most of the time I wear my pump at the front but when I’m pretending to lift heavy at the gym I wear it above my big ol’ juicy bum - Business in the front party in the back!
It has a window so you can bolus without even getting your pump out. Ludicrous. It has a quick release clip so you don’t have to keep pulling the whole thing over your head knocking out your Freestyle Libre sensor in the process - £60 down the drain…
The quick release hook is also fabby for those times when you just want to get the whole ruddy thing off quickly (hubba hubba!) The lovely lady who makes these is diabetic herself and uses a pump so knows exactly what we Diabettys need - thank the Lord. Also this is great at sitting exactly on that weird tummy crease so it appears I have an Activia-yoghurt-advert stomach which I can assure you I do not. Diabetes has its perks (sometimes)”

- Rosie Vincent, London, April 2019

“I really appreciated your personal note on our first order.  My 9 year old daughter just LOVES the multiway bands.  It has really eased her transition to a pump immensely, so thank you.  It is so minimal, and very comfortable for her to wear.”

- Scott Johnson, Father, Connecticut, USA, April 2019

“I find the bands really helpful, elegant and easy to use. Absolutely great”

Stefanie Handschuh, Mumbai, India, April 2019

“Started on the pump a month ago and feel like I have a long journey ahead! Your body bands have really helped with my confidence in wearing it though so thanks a lot and please keep sharing your stories it helps to know we’re not alone out here!”

Beverley Barton, April 2019

“Look at the beautiful handbag Olivia is taking to her school disco!!! If only they knew!!!!! It’s beautiful! And she loves that it’s like a little handbag! Absolutely over the moon! Thank you so so much xxxxx”

Lynsey Bradley, Mum, April 2019

“Just ordered another Hid In body band from @diarybetic - I've had my current one for over a year now and I can't live without it! Makes life with an insulin pump so much easier...”

Lynsey@T1Diabolical, Twitter feedback, March 2019

“Thank you so much for your product, it makes such a difference.x”

- Eugene Wells, March 2019

Subject: Fabulous Pump Pouches
“Within the last 6 months I have gone onto an Insulin Pump and the Body Bands and Mix ‘n’ Match pouches are amazing, they are so comfy to wear that I sometimes forget I am actually wearing a body band and pouch that contains my pump.
I definitely recommend you guys as you have kept me updated every step of the way in terms of where the pouches are and when my order was dispatched. Received my new pump pouches a day after they were posted out. Thank you”

- Angela Walker, Mar 2019

“This is the best pouch we've found to date. We've tried a few in the past, especially the velcro straps and they just don't last, nor are they as discreet as your design.” 

- Nick Price, Father speaking about his daughters Body Band, Feb 2019

Fantastic, I ordered Sunday evening and received my order Wednesday, my daughter was so happy and loves her new pump belt and pouch x”

- Dawn Parfitt, Feb 2019

Quite honestly, the best pump belt so far…
“The pump belt/body band continues to be amazing though! Such beautiful and soft fabric and no bulky clips to dig in. Unlike past pump belts, my daughter has actually started experimenting with wearing her HidIn one in different positions, i.e. up high on her waist as well as around her hips. Quite honestly, the best pump belt we've come across so far!”

- Katharine Ginsborg, Mum from Somerset, Feb 2019

Great for Running…
“Love this!! [Window Multiway] I carry my Libre handset in my Hid-in bodyband with some dextrose when I go for a run! I have my pump in another one! They are just perfect 😊”

- Caroline Jennings, FB Feedback, Nov 2018

Favorite Diabetes Accessory…
”I have an insulin pump attached to my body every day, which means that I have to have some sort of way to keep it close to me or attached to my clothes. This can be a challenge sometimes. I started out using a plastic clip that’s kind of like a cell phone holder that can hook to your pants, belt, bra, underwear, etc. But it was bulky and didn’t always work with every outfit/would bulge from under my clothes. After trying different arm bands and thigh bands to hold/hide my pump, I finally found a winner waist band that I can wear with any outfit! 😄 If you wear a pump, check out Hid-In - insulin pump accessories!”

- Hope Charters, Hid-In Multiway Body Band review, Nov 2018

I love your bodybands…
“I have just received my package from you today. I love your bodybands. I'm a type one for 22 years and a pump user for nearly 3. Your bodybands are so easy to wear. I follow your facebook posts and info with interest. Thanks for keeping us comfy!”

- Anna Kirrane, Nov 2018

Amazing - I feel safer wearing the pump…
“Message: Hi guys, I got my shipping email yesterday and the postie dropped it thru the door this afternoon. Thank you for a amazing item. It’s so soft n silky to touch. I luv the way it’s adjustable and I can put it anywhere I need. Came in time for my vacation and already I feel safer wearing the pump. Thank you xx”

- Anonymous, US, Jan 2018

“These pouches are AMAZING, we fell in love with them instantly, you are such an artist!!!”

- Hanna, Spain, Dec 2018

Comfortable - I’ve worn nothing else for 4 years…
“The first-time I bought a Hid-In belt it was to try and find something comfortable to wear under my birthday dress....it absolutely made my night when I wore the belt and I never wore anything else form then onwards! I had them for 4 years so I must have bought them as you just started out, I can't wait to purchase some new ones!”

- Amy McIntosh, Jan 2019 

“Great design. Quality fabrics. Comfortable. Brilliant !”

- Lisa Ball, Jan 2019

NEVER without it - Every pumper should wear one!
“I totally recommend Hid-In! Before, I used a sport band, but just to go to sleep because it was too visible under clothes. During the day I used plastic pin or a little pocket on my bra, making it uncomfortable to sit on a desk-chair, or outside my trousers or skirt. Now I'm just NEVER without it [Multiway Body Band] ! I can wear it with any kind of clothing and my pump will just stay there where I put it. Also, I have to say, it has made my love life a lot more comfortable ; ) I think that everyone who is on a pump should be wearing them!
Thank you and congrats for your idea, really life changing!”

- Agnese, Dec 2018

So comfortable, secure and accessible…
“I started wearing the body band 24/7 a week ago just to get used to wearing the pump before going ‘live’. Today I’m into Day 2 with the insulin pump and so far so good! The multi way body band is so comfortable and will make the pump secure and accessible with everything I wear. I’m definitely going to be ordering more of them. Thank you so much for designing such a fantastic product and for your wonderful customer service. I really am so grateful.”

- Paula Fodor, Nov 2018

Brilliant, I’ve worn non-stop for 2 years…
“The body band with window is brilliant, so easy to deliver a bolus or adjust basal rate! I’ve worn the band I bought from you 2 years ago almost non-stop!”

- Steve Garvey, London, Nov 26 2018

So comfortable…
“We just wanted to let you know that Liberty loves the multi-way band so much now that she requested another one ! We have just placed the order. She’s so comfortable with her pump now she’s been on it 2 1/2 years. I have to wrestle her hid in band away so I can wash it ! Thanks again x”

- Helen Denmead, November 23 2018

So much flexibility, I couldn’t be without it…
“I need to get another one 😊 I got my pump in February whilst pregnant after 11 years of injections and this band has made it so much easier. My main concern going on the pump was that it would be attached to me all the time and get in the way but the band has given me so much flexibility as to where I can put/hide it! 😊 Thank you so much! I honestly couldn't be without it!! Xxx”

- Claire Louise Powells, November 22 2018

“ Awesome! 🌟💛🌟Makes the pump invisible”

- Zoe Thomas, FB Feedback, Oct 2018

It feels like I don’t even have a pump anymore…
“Can I just say I’m absolutely over the moon I am to have won a multiway body band in the competition 😭❤️ This was a perfect start to my day 🤗 
I was hoovering (as you do) and my pump seriously annoys me when it slips and hangs on but bounces everywhere in my shorts 👹 (and you pray for dear life it doesn’t fall and pull the cannula) So, obviously I was like a child with a toy when this arrived through the letterbox this morning - straight on!!!
It is amazing, it feels so comfortable and it’s so easy to adjust - I can Hoover like a free woman! It’s going to make work life so much easier now I don’t have to attach my pump to my scrubs and means I’m not constantly readjusting my scrub ties!!!! Or taking forever to go to the loo!! I am honestly so impressed and love this so much it feels like I don’t even have a pump weighing me down anymore 😍😍😍😍😍 Thankyou so so much xxxx”

- Eden Atkinson, August 15 2018

“The most comfortable thing for sleep - couldn’t be without mine now, nothing else compares! ❤️”

- Koral Weisen, talking about the Multiway Body Band

Love it…
"Perfect! I use it [Nude Window Multiway Body Band] over night on my hips or just below my waist. It's very comfortable and I can do anything I need to through the plastic window. Love it!"

- Anne Salway , Feefo feedback on the Nude Window MDiabetes UK, June 2018

Comfy, easy to adjust and stays in place with no sliding…
"I've only been a pump user for 3 weeks now and someone pointed me in the direction of the hid-in multiband.
After watching the video clip I realised this was the product that I needed!
I work in a school and attend the gym quite often so wanted something that would keep my pump secure and fairly well hidden.
Since wearing my multiband I've barely noticed my pumps there - day or night. It's very comfy, easy to adjust & fit and stays in place with no sliding etc. Delivery was very quick too. I absolutely love it!"

- Annette Joyce, FB Feedback, July 2018 

Hid-In bands make life so much easier…
"T1 for 23 years (50 years old next week) - last 6 years on an insulin pump (4 on Accucheck Combi, 2 on Medtronic 640G) Now on Dexcom G6 CGM as well, which has changed my health and life. I couldn't live without my Hid-In Body Bands they make life so much easier, I just adjust the pump position to what I want to wear. Some items of clothing can be challenging but that's just how it is and I don't worry about it. 😁"

- Rachel Lamb, FB Feedback, August 2018 

Couldn't live without it….
"The Hid-in band makes this pump wearable as the clip it comes with constantly pinches my skin was going nuts with it until I got your new band so I don't have to take it of to bolus. Thank you."

- Joanne Hall, FB Feedback, August 2018 

New to pump therapy, the bands really help…
"Can I just say what a wonderful product you have created. I am new to pump therapy and the bands have really helped me to get used to being attached to the device 24/7.  They are so comfortable and I am very grateful."

- Donna, August 2018 

Makes me more confident about going on a pump…
Oh my days! I just read an article about you in Balance magazine and was inspired to check-out your website. I'm 55 and have been type 1 diabetic for almost 30 years. I have been discussing switching over to a pump for some time now with my diabetes consultant but have been put off so far by the size of the pumps compared to my small frame and the tight fitting clothes I mostly wear. What a great idea this is!! And because a diabetic has designed it I feel reassured that you will have thought long and hard about every aspect of it. I think I might order one to check it out, try it on and to see if it could work with my wardrobe. If it does then I will feel much more confident about going ahead with a pump.
THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm actually excited about the idea now :)"

- Jackie, Subject: Inspirational, 1 July 2018

I wear it everwhere…
"Hid-In has completely revolutionised my experience of pump wearing. I would literally be lost without my multiway body band- I wear it everywhere! It takes away the hassle of having to find somewhere discreet to put your pump and it is so comfortable to wear. Cannot recommend them enough!"

- Melissa Turner, 5 star review on Facebook, June 8 2018

Makes pumping less stressful and bulky…
"Thank you Hid-In Kit Case for a very successful trip to Disneyland Paris. You made it less stressful and much less bulky. We had a fantastic time"

- Shelley Lindsey, July 2018 

Highly recommended…
"Great product. Really comfy to wear with any clothing, day and night. Highly recommended."

- Feefo Feedback on Diabetes UK, 12 June 2018

Body Bands make pump wearing easy…
"Your body bands are the best! Today is my first day wearing a pump, and the bands make it easy. I will always recommend your bands. Thank you sooo much!!!"

- Helena C, 20 June

Best purchase ever!
"Thank you - I bought my 13 year old son your fabulous pocket boxers! He honestly isn’t bothered about his pump, but says the pants have given him freedom.
When his first pair arrived he was having a pretty rubbish down with his diabetes, so I just left them on the table. He spotted them, put them on and paraded around the lounge with a massive grin on his face!
They have truly been the best purchase EVER! Thank you xx"

- Philippa Earl, Facebook Feedback, June 2018

Great quality, advice and customer service…
"I love love love Hid-In products. The pocket panties are great under dresses where the body is fitted, the multiway bands are fab, so much better than clipping something to your waist band or hanging it off your bra and I absolutely wouldn't be without my kit case!
Katie is great at helping and giving advice and always puts a little note in with my order. I have been using Hid-In products since I started on my pump as a newish T1 three years ago and I cannot speak highly enough of the quality of the products and the consistently excellent customer service I have received. Thanks Katie you are a star."

- Katherine Haley, Facebook feedback, June 2018

Best invention ever! I’d be lost without them…
"I’ve just bought my second multiway body band (first one black and now the nude) and I’m just so in love with them they are the best invention ever! Thanks to you I have so much more choice of clothing! I don’t know what I done before these but I’d certainly be lost without them now! Thank you so much!

- Kelly, Facebook Feedback, June 2018

“A beautifully made, discrete, thoughtful, practical, classy innovation”
"Greetings from Tasmania Australia!
So excited as just opened mailbox to find the new Multiway Body Bands!!
They look so beautifully made and discrete!
Being a curvy 50 year old I'm looking forward to not plunging my hand in my cleavage to see why the pump vibrates! Plus the wear & tear on all my clothes will now be solved.
Thank you so much for your thoughtful, practical, classy innovation.
Will send an update once I've given them a good trial run (oh I don't run for fun!!!). My thanks again"

- Abbie, Tasmania, Facebook Feedback, May 2018

Soft, versatile, discrete. Brilliant!
"I've been on a pump for five years plus. The Hid-in belt has made me feel so much better about my appearance. It is soft, versatile and discrete. I haven't touched my pouches since I got mine. My lovely daughter, Katie Bailey, bought me two my birthday, so I'm well provided for any outfit or occasion. Brilliant!"

- Jane Gould, Facebook Feedback, May 2018

I love that I can play around with where to put it…
“I’m SO GLAD I got the Hid-In before I got the pump or I would be uber stressed about where to wear the pump. I often wear flimsy dresses especially in the summer, and I actually find the pump quite bulky with the clip attached. You’d definitely see it with the kind of clothes I wear if I relied on the clip to attach it. At some point I might not care, but right now whilst it’s new I love, love, love the fact that I can play around with the belt and where to put it. I haven’t once felt uncomfortable or self conscious, and it’s been a particularly social week so was a good test!”

- Nadia, My Sweet Life

Comfortable, perfect fit, I am overjoyed…
"Thank you so much. I received my first pump on Monday. I was extremely pleased to finally have one but immediately found it difficult to carry safely and discreetly, I felt disappointed rather than excited because I had it. 
Then I ordered your belt and it arrived today. It is perfect. So comfortable, perfect fit, holds the pump just right. I am overjoyed. Thank you so much." 

- Adrian Shepherd, April 21, 2018

Pocket Boxers are a game changer…
"These boxers have been a game changer for my type 1 son (aged 13 years). He got very frustrated with the various pump pouches which moved around and were uncomfortable. It got to the point where he was seriously considering going back to injecting he was so fed-up. But with our purchase of these great boxers we've not heard any further mention of coming off his pump. He's been wearing them for well over a year with the same pairs being washed and worn and they are still in great condition. I've been very impressed by the quality of their manufacture. I really can't recommend them more highly."

- Annette W, Diabetes UK reviews, Mar 31, 2018

Awesome, well thought out, practical, beautiful…
"Hello! I've been wearing my pump for a few years now and have got sick of having to juggle it when getting dressed etc.... so I was researching accessories and found your website after a recommendation on a forum. Your video at the start is awesome - in fact your whole website and ordering system is awesome. Simple, clutter free, products are clearly well thought out and practical as well as beautiful. I can't wait to get my order! Thank you for providing such a wonderful service!! I anticipate I will be delighted when I get my parcel! Enjoy your day x"

- Liz Ayers, Facebook feedback, 28 March 2018

I can’t tell I’m wearing it…
"The fact you can barely see it under clothes is the best thing! And it's so comfy I can't even tell I'm wearing it! "

- Leah Jade, 5 April 2018

Window makes bolusing at work easier…
"I love my body band with window. It makes it so easy to check what’s going on and bolus when I’m at work without having to take my pump out of the pocket. The multiway bands are an amazing product for anyone with a pump. I love mine"

- Victoria Peel, 20 March 2018

Love it, I never feel the pump…
I got a window multiway body band a couple of months ago and love it!! I wear it at night and never feel it there at all. The window helps so much too as I don’t have to keep removing the pump to bolus etc."

- Tara, 20 March 2018

Perfect for the gym…
"I love it for when I'm in the gym, it's perfect as the band doesn't irritate my skin when working out and is so comfortable don't even notice I have it on. I would recommend it."

- Becky, 20 March 2018

Easy to wear and wash, I wear every day…
"I already have three of the Hid-In window body bands, I have the Medtronic 640g pump.
I absolutely love them! There is not a day that goes by where I don’t wear mine! They are so comfortable, easy to wear and wash so easily! I wear around my hips during the day and I wear it where my bra strap would go whilst sleeping and when I wear dresses."

- Carla, 20 March 2018

Super comfy, excellent quality and beautifully made…
"The Hid-In products are a game changer for me as a Type 1 Diabetic. I wear my black body band with window almost everyday with my Insulin pump securely stored and easily seen if I need to view the screen...when I’m not wearing it I wear my flesh coloured body band (under lighter coloured clothing) or my Hid-In Pocket panties. The body band Is super comfortable, excellent quality material and beautifully made. I highly recommend!!"

- Lisa Todeschino, 20 March 2018

I’m far less aware and self conscious about the pump…
"I’ve always had problems finding places to keep my pump (I’ve had one for about 8 years). I used to use the clip the pump came with but lost count of the times the pump fell out of a pocket, or slipped down the back of my dress..or crashed to the floor when attached to my waistband. I’m not terribly curvy and have been really conscious about the lumps and bumps..and I certainly haven’t been able to sneak it into my bra without it looking a bit odd. 
The band allows me to place it wherever it feels most comfortable, and I’m far less aware of it, or self conscious, as I’ve been before. I’m really impressed with the design and the fabric, feels lovely and goes through the wash no problem. It’s so comfortable to wear, and day-to-day has made a huge difference to how I feel being attached to the pump."

- LorraineS, 21 March 2018

It has helped me feel great about wearing the pump…
"Been on a pump for 5 years and just bought my first Body Band. Brilliant! I actually feel free again. Love it.
For the first time in years I feel great about wearing the pump. I've been wearing under my left arm in a bra pouch and hadn't realised how restricting this is - I play the piano, and arm movement is important. Brilliant product!" 

- Jane G, 20 March 2018

Body Bands make living with diabetes less stressful…
"Just received my 4th (because I love them) multiway body band with window in nude and a fantastic invention, my lovely kit bag with purse. I am absolutely delighted. They make living with diabetes less stressful and make me feel as ‘normal’ as possible. Thank you Kate as always looking forward to our Disneyland trip even more so now x"

- Shelley Lindsay, Facebook review, Jan 31 2018

Strongly recommend for day and night…
"I’ve been using a Medtronic pump for 8 years and had not been able to find a good case until now! Loving the multiway band for day and night. Looking forward to getting the new window multiway band for my Medtronic 630G pump. Shipping to Canada worked well too. Strongly recommend!"

- Gini Hutchison, Facebook review, Jan 2018

Beautifully designed, excellent communication/ service…
"I absolutely love my body bands and pocket panties for my Medtronic Insulin pump! They are comfortable to wear, versatile, a great fit, beautifully designed and made from quality materials. I love the window on the body bands and the panties are super-cute. They allow me to wear my pump discretely without the bulky clip I used to use. The pump tubing can be tucked away neatly too. And there’s no more bungee-dropping of my pump out of my pocket or underwear anymore! The postage is super fast considering it’s all the way from England and I’m in Australia. Katie is a pleasure to deal with and provides excellent communication and service. Thanks Katie! xo"

- Lisa, Facebook feedback, Jan 2018

"I wanted to email to let you know how thrilled I am with my new Hid-In insulin pump band.
I’d seen you mentioned in DiabetesUK ages ago and meant to order - but lost the details…so I was really pleased to see an advert pop up on my Facebook feed in December. 
I’ve always had problems finding places to keep my pump (I’ve had one for about 8 years, have been type 1 since 1990). I’ve lost count of the times the pump has fallen out of a pocket, or slipped down the back of my dress..or crashed to the floor when attached to my waistband. I’m not terribly curvy and have been really conscious about the lumps and bumps... and I certainly haven’t been able to sneak it into my bra without it looking, frankly, a bit odd.
The band allows me to place it wherever it feels most comfortable, and I’m far less aware of it, or self conscious, as I’ve been before. I’m really impressed with the design and the fabric  - it doesn’t feel a million miles away from my best M&S knickers! It’s so comfortable to wear, and day-to-day has made a huge difference to how I feel being attached to the pump.
So, I just wanted to say congratulations on a great product, and thank you for making it so easily available."

- Mrs L Crouch, Jan 19 2018

Beautiful quality, design and fit…
"Omg Katie, I absolutely LOVE my pocket panties!!! Beautiful quality material, design and fit. And the body bands look perfect...haven’t tried them just yet but  I can already tell they are going to be awesome too though. Thank you so much! Very happy!!"

- Lisa Todeschino, Australia, Jan 16, 2018

I cannot believe what a difference the band has made…
"Thank you! I cannot believe what a difference the body band has made - so comfortable and it feels such good quality. My only criticism is I can't believe it has taken me so long to find it! I can't thank you enough. So that is every day sorted!"

- Honor Massarella, Jan 15, 2018

Brilliant idea, design and style…
"I recently moved from the Omnipod to a pump with tubing and was worried about where to clip the pump to keep it 100% safe and secure. This solves all my problems! It’s comfortable (and I’ve tried wearing it in a number of locations), and secure (I’ve worn it numerous times to the gym and in my job as a paramedic without it unhooking or falling down). It will also be a lifesaver for when I get married in June and want an “invisible” pump under my dress. Brilliant idea, design and style! LOVE IT!"

Ruth Copeman, Paramedic, on Jan 12, 2018

"Hi, I just wanted to message to say a huge thanks for creating these products. I'm a nurse and also a new ‘pumper’ only 3 weeks in and I can't thank you enough for these multibands. I'm so busy, constantly on the go and now I feel my pump is secure! I'll certainly be recommending these. Many thanks again"

Lou, Nurse, on Jan 3, 2018


The band has made such a massive difference…
"I have one of your multiway body bands and it is FABULOUS! Pumps are life changers but they can be so difficult to hide discreetly! Clips tend to be bulky, they easily slip out of pockets (if your clothing even has them) and at night they’re really hard to home! The band has made such a massive difference - thank you!"

Sian Carol on Dec 23, 2017

I wear one all day every day…
"I’m on holiday at the moment & I’m wearing mine right now under a bikini - no-one knows it’s there & I forget it’s there too! Love it so much, I wear one all day every day. Thanks so much!"

Julie, on holiday!  Dec 24, 2017

This multiway band has literally changed my life…
"OMG finally a product that is comfortable to wear and sleep in. Absolutely phenomenal. I have strived for over 30 years to find a suitable carring case for my pump. Having tried over 15 different cases/pouches I had given up hope of finding one that met all my requirements. That is until I found Hid In.

This multiway band has literally changed my life. It is so well made, of the softest fabric, no itchy velcro or hard buckles. I wear mine 24 hours a day and can hardly tell I'm wearing it. Fits all pump sizes effortlessly. It only comes off in the shower. What other product can you wear 24 hours and not even notice you are wearing it? I had to order 2 as I wouldn't ever want to be without one. You can even adjust the size to fit different parts of your body. Absolutely incredible. All diabetics on a pump should own one of these. I cannot rate this product highly enough. Go on try one. I promise you will be back for more. Genius."

Helen Smith on Oct 09, 2017

Very easy to hide - once it's on, I forget it’s there…
"This pump band has revolutionised how I wear my pump. It's adjustable so I can wear it around my waist, hips, chest or even my thigh. It's secure & I've never been concerned about losing it. Its very discrete as I can reposition it according to what I want to wear and it lies flat with no bulk so its very easy to hide. Ultimately it's also very comfortable - once it's on, I forget its there. Amazing product which makes wearing a pump so much easier."

- Julie Fewkes on Oct 06, 2017

"Absolutely fantastic! This is THE best thing I have bought for my daughter to help with her T1. It’s so comfortable and holds her pump so securely against her body while she goes about her daily life. From school to her equestrian events (and her pony is not the quietest. He is prone to rodeo) the hid in multiway band keeps her pump safe."

Nanette on Oct 06, 2017

"Diabetics fashion must have! I would never be without my polka dot kit case. I have always hated the very clinical looking cases you get with blood glucose meters, or the fact that if you had to carry it around people would always ask what it is. But with a kit case people don't because they assume it's a purse 👛 and is therefore much more discreet and fashionable! I love it."

- Alice Wiseman on Oct 07, 2017

Incredibly hard-wearing and looks smart too…
"My Hid-In kit case has been up Mount Etna and down to an underground Jewish bath in Syracuse. It holds all my cards and cash, plus my blood-testing kit, USB sticks, and a lot more. It is incredibly hard-wearing (believe me I've tested it to the limits) and looks smart too. Very highly recommended."

- Joy Wotton on Oct 10, 2017

"Small but perfectly formed! This is a really useful bag. It's not too big, but you can get your meter, finger pricker & test strips in it as well as a mobile phone, credit cards and there is a zip up pocket for cash etc too. I love mine when I'm travelling & want to keep the test kit with me at all times, but don't want to carry a bulky bag around. It's also perfect for taking to a hotel buffet breakfast when you want that test kit close by but don't want to leave it on your table when go for food."

- Julie Fewkes on Oct 07, 2017

I can't remember how I managed before Hid-In…
"I rarely review items I have brought but REALLY felt I needed to say how BRILLIANT the pump bands are. I would even say it saved my life so to speak.
I'm a brittle type one diabetic on a pump. 
In June last year I started to panic that I would have to find alternative insulin therapy when I got married this August. My type of diabetes means I can't be off the pump for more than 20 minutes without a risk of diabetic ketoacidosis. It didn't take me long to find Hid-In and I thank god everyday that I did.
Not only was the customer service impeccable, they really went above and beyond to get the product to me quickly and efficiently.
On my big day I don't think ONE person could see I was wearing a pump. Even the people who knew couldn't guess where the pump was 'hidden'.
The quality of the bands is amazing and so comfortable! 
I don't go a day without wearing a band now and can't remember how I managed before! Thank you Hid-In!!!!"

- Courtney-Lauren Wildman, Oct 2017

"Amazing! I wasn't too sure about these when I first came across them, but I tried a pair to see how I got on with them. I was very pleasantly suprised. They are very comfortable to wear & the pump is so well hidden in them. The pocket is perfectly positioned to that the pump sits in just the right place. The pump is secure and accessible but it won't fall out. I was so won over that I immediately bought some more!"

- Julie Fewkes on Oct 06, 2017

Great for country dancing…
The band holds the pump in place whatever I'm doing - country dancing, hunting through the kitchen cupboards, walking or just trying to get a good night's sleep without the insulin pump getting hopelessly tangled. I honestly forget it is there. And it looks good too!"

- Joy on Oct 09, 2017

Comfortable, safe and secure…
"I have 3 different multi way bands for my pump, I have been using them since I started pumping 4 months ago. They are comfortable, wash brilliantly and my pump always feels safe and secure. I cycle to work and want to know I don't need to worry about the pump. Delivery was quick too. I wouldn't be without my bands."

- Ruth Dyke on Oct 06, 2017

Body Bands changed my life…
"The multiway body bands have literally changed my life. They are so comfortable and can make a great accessory to your underwear, they make me feel confident that my pump is secure and invisible.......well done Hid-in"

- Lynn Hayes on Oct 06, 2017

Body Bands are the reason I went on a pump…
"I love your products! I have two of your multiway body bands and they’ve changed my life (sorry for the cliche but they honestly were the reason I decided to go on the pump in the first place) so thank you. Just wanted to ask a cheeky question.... but have you ever considered or made a pocket panty thong? Just something I would be really interested in purchasing. Thanks for your help and please continue the amazing work you’re doing."

- Megan, Facebook, Oct 2017

Making my pump experience more enjoyable…
"I have been pumping for 6 months - I have tried numerous products and I found it really difficult to find something supportive, safe and functional let alone fun. Unfortunately, I have a lot of gastric issues so wearing a pump belt was never comfortable until I came across Katie’s products.
I have a white multiway band and the custom made panda and cat bands - all of the Hid-in products keep my pump safe and I find them super comfortable to wear (I can adjust the belt to whatever tightness my stomach can cope with on a given day). Plus the cat and panda always put a smile on my face!
Katie’s customer service is second to none and I simply can’t praise the Hid-In products and service enough - I highly recommend that you give them a go and I am sure you too will find them to making your pumping experience more enjoyable."

- Lowenna

Stylish & comfortable…
"Tried my body band this weekend - it's fantastic! I really like the fact it sits snugly to my body and can be worn in so many different places without any hassle. 
I had a pump band before but it was only for use around my tummy and didn't sit tight so often my pump fell out. Your product is stylish and comfortable and I will definitely recommend to others!"

- Emily Barran, Community Engagement Officer at JDRF

I barely notice I have my pump on…
"The band and boxers are great quality and great for keeping the pump out of the way. My clip broke the other day so your products have been a life saver!
Went snowboarding a few weeks ago and the band was a god send, kept my pump out the way and close to my body to keep it all warm. 
I love the boxers for nighttime. Very comfortable, barely notice I have my pump on. Probably better quality than most my other boxers! Girlfriend really likes them too."

- Kris Wood, JDRF, London

Everything stays where it should!
"Hi there, I just wanted to say thank you again for my pump belt. I've had it for over a year now and still thank you every night when I wear it to bed and everything stays where it should! I am so grateful to you."

- Andrea, Facebook

Game changer…
"When I was first told about Hid-In, I was a little skeptical as I thought I'd always just keep it in my pocket but after sleeping with it loose for about a week, I decided to buy one and it was a game changer.
Hardly noticed I had the pump, until the unthinkable happened. I had a bit of a hypo and somehow managed to lose my Hid-In and my pump became a bit of a nuisance when I went to bed or was wearing something without pockets. Even more so when I forget it isn't strapped to me, get up and it falls to the floor yanking my belly downwards. I will never let the Hid-In leave me again, and just in case the worst happens, I've bought a two pack to replace it."

- Basil, East London

Your bands are my favourite by a mile…
"I recently placed an order for the multiway band and knickers as I have just begun on an infusion pump (my pump is actually for cortisol not insulin) and they are brilliant. So comfortable and discreet! Thank you very much. I tried a few other ways of wearing my pump before I found your website and your bands are my favorite by a mile!" 

- Pippa, Ascot

I would recommend it to absolutely everyone…
"I received my hid-in multiway body strap with the clear window, today (for my tandem Tslim pump), so I had to put it to the test :)
I spin poi and hoop, which includes a LOT of awkward and vigorous movements, and it was impossible to work with a pump that was clipped to my outfit or belt, not to mention the constant tangles with the insulin tube. I strapped my pump to my upper abdomen and then my lower waist, underneath my shirt, and it stayed put through everything while moving around. I was able to hoop and spin without any issues, whatsoever, and what's even better is that it was so comfortable!
And then, I had to put it to the ULTIMATE test: 
Chasing my toddler niece around in the backyard, for five hours. This time, I strapped it to my upper thigh (I'm 4'10" and 95 lbs, so I had to wrap it around my thigh, twice) and it stayed put the whole entire time. 
I can't wait to try it when I go horseback riding, as my old pump clip would always come undone, pop off, or break during riding, but I have really high hopes, for this! 
The clear screen on the multiway is also very easy and responsive to touch, so I had no problems calibrating my blood sugars or bolusing. 
This is a complete godsend, if you have an insulin pump. I would recommend it to absolutely everyone. Thank you, to everybody at Hid-In. You guys are awesome!"

- Aly Balles, Indiana, USA

Now I wonder how I managed without your products…
"I share your page whenever I can. It took me 12 years of pumping to come across your products and now I wonder how I managed without them... Actually that's not true I know how I managed... I only ever wore clothes with pockets! Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing more products from you in future 😊"

- Sophie Powell, Facebook

Wow! Fantastic. Ingenious idea…
"Wow! This is amazing. For the last 7 years I've clipped my pump to my bikini top on holiday but this looks fantastic. Ingenious idea"

- Clair Wilson, commenting on the Custom Made bikini service

"My son LOVES your boxers. Honestly, these have been a pumping game changer! x"

- Annette Wiles, Facebook feedback

"I am now "Powered by Pump"!!!
Thank you for my lovely multiway pouch 😀"

- Della

"My Multiway Body Band has been great on holiday!"

- Alice Wiseman, Grand Camp de Mar, Mallorca


"My Multiway Body Band has been great on holiday!"

Alice Wiseman, Grand Camp de Mar, Mallorca

Custom Made bikini the best yet…
"I've just received my adapted bikini bottoms and they are amazing!  I can now wear a regular high street bikini, all coordinated, but have my pump hidden away in a pocket, sewn into the bottoms, which is very discrete and comfortable.  I can hardly see the pump, it blends in so well.  It's ingenious and clever and it feels as though it will be very safe to wear as the craftsmanship is definitely up to supporting the pump, although, I can't quite see how you've done it!
I'm going to be so confident wearing these bottoms now - thank you!
Having had bikini bottoms adapted for three years now, I think these are the best yet. Thanks ladies - amazing job!"

- Julie Fewkes, Leeds

Adorable, romantic and practical…
"We see London, we see France, we see some adorable and diabetes-friendly underpants. Hid-In’s Pocket Panties (above) are both romantic and practical: Lace, mesh, leopard print, and polka dots add whimsy, while a hidden front pocket holds an insulin pump. The underwear retails for about $25 to $30. The company is based out of London and ships worldwide. Find out more—or shop for other pump accessories, including boxers with a pump pocket and body bands that hold pumps beneath your clothes—at hid-in.com."

- Diabetes Forecast The Healthy Living Magazine

"You know what? Insulin pump + pump band = Pumpfortable!"

- Rebecca Wedell, Lewes, East Sussex

"I have had my pump 10 days and know it's safe in the Hid In band and so comfortable I barely notice it."

- Ruth Dyke, Chatham, England

"Couldn't live without the body bands, they are so comfy and really well made. :-) I have 4!"

- Andrea Mitchell

Makes the pump almost invisible…
"I received the parcel from you today & I am thrilled!
The ingenuity of the designs is amazing!  I've tried the bikini bottoms on with my pump and not only is the pump almost invisible once in the pockets you've designed, but they are also very practical and comfortable.  The sewing is incredibly sympathetic to the fabric and the need to manoeuvre the pump in and out of the pockets.  I feel completely confident in them, just perfect!
I didn't show them to my husband until I'd put them on and put the pump into them.  Even then, he didn't see where the pump was immediately & then only found it because he was looking for it - just what I've come to expect of Hid-In.
Thank you both so much for what you've done.  If I dare take any pictures in them when I'm on holiday, I'll send them onto you!"

- Julie Fewes, Leeds

"Azara ready for tap class wearing her pump in her Hid-In belt. But of course you can't see it. 
Thanks for creating these as I don't know what we would have done. 
Looking forward to the new kit bags!"

- Gillian Lester & daughter Azara

"I love my multi-way belt! I have only been wearing it since yesterday, but haven't even noticed I've had it on. Must get saving for another :)"

- Verity, Facebook feedback

"Excellent product, so versatile can wear whatever I want now without having to worry about where my pump is going to go."

- Kayleigh Angell on Hid-In - insulin pump accessories

"Thanks for sending our order so quickly. As you can see in the photo (below) my daughter is testing it to the max! She loves her new hid-in pump belt."


- Nanette Weeks daughter Ella doing some Show Pumping!

"Excellent. Comfortable to wear under any outfit. Highly recommended. X"

- Jilly Dixon-Dougherty

"I love wearing my white body-band! I often have to pat myself to remind me where about my pump is!"

- Christina (Facebook feedback) 

Great, slim, small…
"Multiway bands are great because they're so slim and small... so small I've lost one of mine! Washed it and put it somewhere to dry and I haven't been able to find it for a couple of months! I'm sure it will probably turn up somewhere, but it's completely irrational how attached to them I am! It's like losing a pair of favourite glasses!

- Ruth Gibbins (Facebook feedback) one of our first customers!

Holds the pump super safe and tight…
"After trying the panda multiway bands in regular back and window we all love the window ones! Jovi loves them as she can just flip it and see her number and Rhys and I love them as they do hold the pump in super safe and tight as she runs about, on her bike and in the playground and parks!"

- Sonia, mother from London

It’s changed my life…
“I already have a black body band and think it's so brilliant I just placed an order for 2 more - It's changed my life since I bought it and I can now finally wear dresses! 😃
(all the other pump accessories that I've looked at seem badly designed, uncomfortable and a bit naff!!)  

- Lizzie from London

Fun, fancy and convenient…
"I just want t tell u how much I love my pump band I just bought few day ago....i'm so in love I just ordered cat version with window. Thank u very much for making my life better . Version with windows is just perfect to manage my pump fast and easy and cat version is just the fun I want ... fancy and convenient. Congrats for your shop"

- Susana Feans Ponte, Spain

"Can you tell me if you're going to be selling any more kit bags? I've looked at other kit bags but they don't come close to yours! It's so easy to have with me all the time."

- Bethan Hopwood

I hadn’t quite realised the impact it would have…
"My sister was diagnosed with Type 1 aged 19 and the shock for her and my family was overwhelming. I wanted to support her as much as possible but she is reluctant to acknowledge her diabetes. When I bought my sister one of your bands I took a big risk. There was a chance that she would open it and feel embarrassed that her T1 had made yet another appearance... and on Christmas day. I took the risk because I adore your products, I think that they are really beautiful; a personal gift for my sister regardless of how she received it. 
To my surprise (we held our breath as she opened the box) she was thrilled. More surprising, she tried it straight on and has barely taken it off since.
I knew that in theory the band was a great, useful gift for my sister, but I hadn’t quite realised the impact it would have. 
She can wear a dress... even a dress without pockets!
We can go clothes shopping together without getting in a horrendous tangle of wires in the changing room! 
She can sleep free of pyjamas! The possibilities are endless!
With all the complications of life T1, I am so grateful to have found something that makes daily life that little bit easier and prettier for Karys". I wanted to let you know the difference your product has made to my sister’s life (as she would never admit it herself!)"

- Sisters Cader & Kerys, Waterlooville, UK

Happy alternative to the clinical versions…
"The Hid-in Panda pump bag (Multiway Body Band) saved the day yesterday as my 5 year old had her pump fitted. I was really anxious about how she would react to the pump and when the bag arrived, it was a much happier day. She hasn't taken it off since. 
One of my biggest fears was how would I fling her around our living room 'dancefloor' ever again with a pump attached! Now we're sorted! Tubing and pump neatly tucked away. Huge thanks Katie for providing a happy alternative to the clinical versions"

- Sonia Ra1, Mother of 2 Panda fans!

I am in awe, amazing products…
"I am reaching out to you because I am new to the pumper community and I am really struggling to harness my femininity while having tubing running from my stomach. I ran across your site today and I am in awe! For the first time, I am not so embarrassed at the thought of being intimate with my husband. Thank you for the hard work and amazing products!"

- Mrs M, USA

Clever and simple, they transform everyday living…
“I found your company after meeting someone wearing a pump but with absolutely no sign of it as it was hidden in your pocketed underwear. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!! My daughter Julia is a Type 1 Diabetic so I bought the pants (Pocket Panties) and pump band (Multiway Body Band) for her. They have transformed her every day living, so very clever and so simple, just amazing. Many congratulations.”

-       Caroline

Fantastic website…
“Your website is fantastic. I'm only on day 3 of wearing the pump, I was afraid i wouldn't be able to hide it and it would feel uncomfortable but I purchased your body band in advance and read wearing tips. I'm finding wearing it easy already and can't wait to go live with insulin Thursday!  Thanks for your website!”

- Beth Howell

Best invention ever…
“Am incredibly inspired by your motivation to not let your medical condition affect your lifestyle and even your selection of clothes!
I've just received my package and the multi-way body band classic is the best "invention" ever! I started out with insulin pens and never had an issue with the type of clothes I could wear. When I started with using the pump I thought that would be the end of me wearing certain types of clothes and was a tad crushed within me. Thank you so very much for your creativity to come up with such a product.”  

- Anne Chan, Singapore

Wonderful product, super comfy…
Could your products be too comfortable?
Message: Hi there - I had to share this story with you. I've been traveling a lot lately and like most people have been pretty busy. I find myself wearing one of your products - 24/7 so I was looking to pack both my body bands for color options. I could not find one and searched EVERY WHERE for it but finally had to go to airport wearing the other color I had.

Well, I have an insulin pump type that isn't covered if you go through the body scanners so I have to "Opt Out" in the U.S. which results in a pretty intimate pat down. (I always tell the agent that I need a cigarette after them...) Anyway, you have to lift your top up to expose your waist band which is where I mostly wear my body band. The TSA agent asked me what was in the second band and I was confused... IT TURNS OUT I HAD ALSO BEEN WEARING THE OTHER ONE the WHOLE TIME AND HADN'T NOTICED BECAUSE IT WAS SO COMFORTABLE. 
Thanks so much for a wonderful product. Super comfy. -- XO --


Brilliant design: Comfortable,  simple, subtle…
"Just got my Hid-In insulin pump belt from @diarybetic Such a brilliant design: Comfortable,  simple, subtle. Highly recommended for pumpers!"

- MichaelSmiith@foxinhisden

"I'm due to get my pump next month...after a long 4 year wait 😃 I ordered the multiway last week thinking "aaack sure it might take 28 days to get here"....landed yesterday!!! I LOVE IT!! But now it is going to be the longest wait everrrrr til next month haha!!! Really love the packaging and little pink heart too. Thank you!!! 😃😃😃😃😃😃❤❤❤❤ "

- Rebecca Colbrook, Facebook

"Hey! Thanks for my hid-in pump band! Diabetes never looked so good!

- Instagram: t1dchick 📟💕👍🏼

Intelligent simple design…
"I received my items today (two bands and panties for my One Touch Ping by Animas) and the only complaint I have is not ordering more of them.  They are so soft and comfortable and I am wearing my pump differently.  I keep switching it up and then torture my 14 year old to try to guess where I’ve placed it.
Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you. 
This is the first product like this that I can endorse.  It is soft and easy to wear, professional looking and in an intelligent simple design. You will be hearing from me soon to order more.  I can’t wait to see what else you come up with for us."

"Frankly, I google new items every couple of months and I have purchased many hoping that they will work.  I just went through my lingerie drawer full of items and dumped them. 
The difference between your solution and others is that yours is small, not cumbersome and in a soft, thin material.   I have to check to make sure that I have it on because it is so light I forget I am wearing it.  
Other solutions I have tried come in a large band that is uncomfortable and hot, like wearing Spanx (them) versus a soft waistband on your clothes (yours).
I wore the belt to sleep last night and it was perfect.  I don’t have to wear the clip now so there is nothing digging into me and I can actually wear a night gown versus clipping it to a waistband.
Great job and I highly recommend your panties and band."   

- Jeanne N, Malibu, USA

Pump doesn't get caught on anything…
"I received my insulin pump belt today and it fits perfectly, its also very comfortable and means I can wear my pump without worrying about it getting caught on anything. 
Also my pump doesn't show under my clothes now!!! Thank you"

- Gemma Bryant, Facebook

Great for sports…
"Congratulations to your products and the web store. There is lots of love in both of them. Within a few days I received the Multiway Body Bands and Pocket Boxers and they were packed so nice. Thank you very much! I am using insulin pumps since 2003 and I am now wearing a Medtronic Veo. It gives me great freedom at my daily activities, sports and of course at traveling. 

I need the Body Band for my sporting activities e.g. skiing and mountaineering. The shoulder straps and waist belt of the rucksack were always right over my insulin pump and pretty annoying. Thanks to your Body Band the problem is solved, and my impression got proved: These are products from a diabetic, for diabetics. 
At the next visit in my diabetes centre I will tell them of your website and show them your Body Band.

Let me know whenever you are in Austria. I invite you to a good cup of Austrian coffee and a piece of our famous cakes. No problem, our pumps can take this ;-) "

- Dieter, Austria

"Hey! Thanks for my hid-in pump band! Diabetes never looked so good!"

- Jilian, New York, Instagram: t1dchick

Excited to wear a dress again!
"Thank you so much for your help earlier Katie. It was so good to speak with someone who knew what they were talking about and had personal experience.  You really have no idea how excited I am with the prospect of being able to wear a dress again with my pump!!!"

- Leanne, by text

"I very much love your products. They are very comfortable to wear and have made the move to having a pump a lot easier. I really like the design and the way you use different fabric patterns. They make me feel feminine and it doesn't make the whole experience of having a pump permanently attached, so clinical."

- Sue, Chichester

"Just received my belts today - they are fabulous. Thank you so much. They are so discreet and I don't feel so self-conscious now."

- Laura, Redhill, UK

Lovely, fantastic, comfortable…
"I would like to thank you for designing such lovely and absolute fantastic packaging for insulin pump. Since I am back in Switzerland I wear the multibands every day and night - they are really comfortable! 
I recommended the multiway body bands and your online shop to my doctor and  gave him your business cards to lay out in the waiting room. I am exciting about your new products and I wish you all the best for your business"

- Sabina, Switzerland

Happy and comfortable…
"I love my Multiway body band! I received this week here in Canada and I'm really happy and comfortable with it. GRACIAS!"

- Andrea, Facebook, Canada

"Received my parcel today  (Multiway Body Band in lace) ... best thing ever!! Been diabetic for 20 years on pump for 2 and this makes me feel a little more glamorous about it all!
Absolutely in love with it and it's super comfy!" 

- Emma

Wonderful products…
"I just wanted to let you know that I received my second band today, and to say what a fantastic product you make.  I'm not normally one who gives product feedback, but have felt the need to do so in this case. Also, I wanted to let you know that I will take your product info sheet to my diabetic pump clinic tomorrow, so that others will hopefully make use of your wonderful products."

- Eric, Sheffield

"Got my band through the post today and love it already! Can't even feel that it's there and it looks feminine too. Will definitely be recommending to others too"

- Tara, Facebook

"I would just like to take this chance to say how amazing your website is. Diabetes is possibly one of the least sexy conditions to suffer from and your efforts to empower and allow women to still dress how they choose makes me feel so much better about the possibility of the pump."

- Megan

Fabulous, WOW!
"My order arrived in this morning's post. It is fabulous!! For four years I used a Velcro belt with bra pouch as I never knew you existed until recently when I was given a new pump by my local hospital. 
Anyway, I just wanted to email you and say WOW! I love my new belt! And will be ordering more. Will you have other patterns/colours soon? I'll order white, but would like a nude/cream one if you start doing them??
Also, can you send me some more post cards so I can give them to the clinic nurses for their information board so more diabetic patient's on insulin pumps become aware? I can also pin to notice boards in the hospital and at my GP surgery.
Have a great day! And thanks for my lovely new pouch!"

- Yvonne, Swindon

Comfy, discreet, secure…
"I have found your Hid-In Multiway Body Band really comfortable, discreet and useful since starting using a pump 3 weeks ago. I’ve ordered two more today.
I like the secure feeling of having the pump in the body band and I’m still experimenting with different positions for it, according to what I’m wearing and where I am.
The tips and ideas on your website are really helpful too. I’m definitely going to try to adapt some pockets as you suggest for access to the pump."

- Jenny B, Carshalton

"What a revelation!  From something I didn't think would work, I've just placed an order for some more pairs (Pocket Panties) - I love them. 
They are so comfortable, I really don't know that the pump is there.  Whilst I love my Hid-In body bands - which have enabled me to become quite the queen of disguising my pump (pencil skirts, tight jeans, you name it, I can hide my pump in a body band) - the panties are something else.  They really don't require any imagination to wear the pump, it is completely invisible, so comfortable and surprisingly practical.
Great design - many thanks!"

- Julie F,  Leeds

Family couldn’t work out where my pump was…
"Got my Multiway Body Band yesterday - custom made as I'm a shorty! I have worn it, insulin pump in pocket, just under my bra all morning.
My family couldn't work out where I was wearing it and it hasn't slipped at all, despite lots of bending and picking up of my 1 yr old niece and a dog walk. I had my doubts but am very impressed and pleased!! Just need some warm weather so I can try it round my thigh with a skirt..."

- Lisa Shirt

Love it already…
"I received my multi-way belt (Multiway Body Band) today and I love it already. It is so comfortable, is more easily accessible than wearing it clipped to my bra and feels very secure. It means I can have the pump closer to the insertion site which means there is less risk of the tubing kinking or getting caught/tugged. Really pleased with it, thank you!

- Michelle S (Facebook)

"My Multiway Body Band arrived today and i'm so pleased with it! It made such a nice change to receive a hand written note from a human being, rather than standard splurge from a computer too! I've been type 1 diabetic since I was 3 (30 years now) and am finally going onto a pump after a long time of being hesitant because of the need to "wear" the device. Although i've not tried it yet, your product appears to remove so much of this problem and i'm really excited to try it out when i get my pump next week. Thanks so much" 

- Sarah (Facebook)

Practical, comfortable, forgettable, sexy…
"I love my Multiway Body Band. It's practical, no more catching tubes on, door handles, etc. It's comfortable. It's forgettable, in the best way! My husband thinks it's sexy! It's fantastic! Thank you."

- Allison B 

Highly recommended…
"I LOVE my new pump belt (Multiway Body Band)! It's so comfortable and looks great! My insight pump fits perfectly and doesn't move around even when I'm out running. It is so brilliant I have just bought another. I would highly recommend getting one of you haven't already!"

- Alice W

"I love my new kit bag from you... Suprised how quick it came and how nicely it was packaged and with the little hand written note... and I love the little hearts.  Do they (Kitbags) come in any other colour too? Keep up the fab work x "

- Georgina S

Nicest, cutest, prettiest way to wear my pump…
"Purchased my first pump Hid-In pouch (Multiway Body Band). Have been searching for ages for an easy and prettier way to wear my insulin pump and this is the cutest nicest way I've found. Not put it on yet, be sure they'll be some pics when I do,but what lovely service, happy with pouch. Beautiful hand written letter, discounts and a sprinkling of hearts fell in my lap! And made me feel special Very happy!"

- Carla Louise Holbrough

"I honestly don't know how people cope without hid-in Multiway Body Bands!! Seriously - how do people do it!?"

- Annabel Church on Facebook

 Pocket Panties changed my daughters attitude to diabetes…
"Firstly I want to tell you how much my daughter loves the panties (Classic Pocket Panties) that you sent. So much so, that she has told me that she really would like to wear them all the time even on schooldays (instead of clipped on her school skirt) and also in the night. Until now, she has only been wearing the panties at the weekends. This would mean that I will need to buy more in order to keep up with the washing etc. 
Thank you so much for producing this product that is so helpful. It has really made a difference to her attitude to the whole diabetes business and has removed all of her frustration that she was feeling at it sticking out of her clothes."

- Joanne M, Manchester


I really do forget I’m wearing a pump…
"I didn't realise how much I needed a body band. I have only had mine for a few weeks and love it! Even though I am a newbie pumper I had started to notice little things that got in the way which had not before, such as kitchen drawer handles (tubing getting wrapped around) and also when pump was in jean pocket sometimes going to the toilet had its added extra's...remember to either disconnect to pull down jeans or unwind the tubing. I don't have to remember any of this now! I really do forget I am wearing a pump. Thank you so much!!xx"

- Kelly C

Huge thanks, amazing job…
"So we’re back from our holiday in Mauritius.  I wore all 3 of the bikinis that you adapted for me and all 3 were great.  My favourite was the gingham one - it felt very comfortable, secure and discrete, but all worked beautifully.  While on holiday, we met someone else wearing a pump - my Insight was far more discrete in the bikinis. 
Huge thanks to you and Kate once again - you did an amazing job"

- Julie, West Yorks

"What a fabulous company! I just rang for some advice and had the most fabulous conversation with Katie. She couldn't have been kinder with her time and advice. I wish more people cared as much about their customers!"

- Kate Forster

Body band transformed my life as a pump wearer…
"Hid-In multi-way body band where have you been all of my pumping life!! Finally a product made for a pump user by someone that know the daily struggles we go through. From the beautiful sleek black envelope arriving through the post to wearing the body-band for over a week now I am so impressed with this Hid-In product.
This body band has transformed my life as a pump wearer, it is soft and silky and I don’t even know I am wearing it. The fastener is easy to use and very secure and does not dig in at all. I have had the best night sleep in years as the pump is out of the way and secure and I am comfortable.
No longer does my pump fall out of my pocket when I go to the loo pulling on my cannula, no longer do I struggle to get dressed or undressed trying not to drop my pump, in one word this body band is FANTASTIC."

- Jilly, Cumbria

"Subject: Finally a good nights sleep (almost)
Message: Thank you, the body band has taken one obstacle away from a lovely sleep, it is so comfortable I have just bought my second"

- Fiona, County Durham

"You asked for feedback on the Multiway Body Band, so here it is. In a word, brilliant! I don't even know I'm wearing it whereas previously I had to remember the pump was attached to my trouser belt when undressing!
Getting a pump after 62 years of injections was great and your MBB was the icing on the cake! My satisfaction is confirmed by the fact that I have just submitted an order for two more!"

- Alan, Wiltshire

Such a good idea…
"I just wanted to say thank you for my black multi-way body band which arrived today. I had already bought a white one from you a few days before and was so pleased with it that I decided to order the black one too. I have had type 1 diabetes for 34 years now, since the age of 6, but only started on a pump (insight) a week ago so the change has been a little scary for me. Your body band is such a good idea and I have found it really comfortable to wear. Your website was recommended to me by a lady who I  had my pump training with and who also purchased body bands from you recently. Thanks again" 

- Gail

Best pouch in the market…
"I am so happy to inform you that i received the lovely Multiway Body Band . It's more than expected, fits perfectly with my Medtronic Pump, comfortable materials, arrived with nice packaging. For me, It is the best pouches available in the market as i know! 
Your products is highly recommended, i will share my wonderful experience to my friends and patients. and i will not forget your kind communication."

- Dr.Ahmed Ebishi, Saudi Arabia

Slinky, soft, gorgeous 'because I'm worth it!' pump belt…
"After 29 years of diabetes I'm now in the throes of getting kitted out with a pump.  I felt I'd never fitted the criteria for pump therapy, until it was pointed out that feeling on such a knife-edge of anxiety about 'will I go low, have I wrecked another day?' every single minute of my life was perhaps not 'normal', and that my significant quality of life issues could be addressed with an insulin pump. 
So,  last Monday saw me in a pump education session at the diabetes centre. The day before that I ordered a Multiway Body Band, not really knowing what it would be like, but I loved the look and content of your website, so felt I was on the right track. 
On Friday morning my husband was on the phone to the insurance company getting the pump covered and we were both surprised to be told that a pump is categorised as a 'disability aid'.  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry - either way I thought about it for most of the day. Until I got home from work that day... Gorgeous black envelope on the mat.  Full of heart confetti.  And my belt.  And a beautifully-written handwritten note.  It was like opening one of those boxes you see in the films - y'know, gorgeous woman unwraps slinky silk pyjamas from a lover and her life is complete - that kind of thing.  I'm serious. 
My new slinky, soft, comfortable, 'because I'm worth it!', gorgeous pump belt is nothing to do with any kind of 'disability aid'.  It's a lovely piece of new underwear, and I've been wearing it ever since.  My pump is very comfy, and looking forward, like me - with trepidation - to its 'start date' of a week today.  The thing is, thanks to that insurance rep, it's got an identity crisis.  'Disability aid' it certainly isn't! 
Thank you so much.  Very best wishes from a very-nearly-pumper"

- Rebecca H, Sussex

Great Design…
"Thanks so much for the great belt. This is just perfect for wearing to school and much more discrete than the belt we had before. Great design!"

- Amanda Smith, Mother, USA

Makes me feel safer and more confident …
"I have just received my order of 3 pump multiway body bands which I am really pleased with and thank you for the quick delivery. So much more comfortable than another belt I tried and hides it much better into my body which I prefer. Also the belt makes me feel safer and more confident in whatever i am doing. I have only just started using an insulin pump so this is all quite new to me and am sure I will be ordering more items in the future (a nude coloured multiband would be a good colour choice). The black stretch lace multiband is really lovely for special occasions or probably for wearing more often. From your own experience it is good to have someone who understands. Thank you very much."

- Elisabeth

Made starting on a pump so much easier to deal with…
"The parcel arrived on Saturday and both items are working really well :) I've only just started on a pump (I've been on injections for 20 years - diagnosed aged 4) so it's all really new. Your products have made it so much easier though and I was able to wear my pump to my 24th birthday party last week without having to change the dress I wanted to wear!! 
Also everyone in my pump start group was very jealous of my multi-way body band so you'll definitely be getting some new orders for that soon! Thanks again for the work you do - it has made starting on a pump so much easier to deal with for me!"

- Annabel Church

I've been able to wear close fitting dresses…
"Just wanted to let you know that the multiway body band is great. I have been on the pump for only 3 weeks and my initial worry was that I would struggle to wear my usual clothes, particularly my dresses for work which are all close fitting. With the band I've been able to wear them all and not had to worry that the pump will fall out. I've ordered two more today!"

- Laura Beaumont

Makes getting dressed and undressed so much easier…
"Purchased this for my son (aged 11 and new to pumping). He is thrilled with it! It's discrete, super soft and easy to wear night and day. He is delighted with it - placed just right the white version looks like the top of some expensive Calvin Kleins! It makes getting dressed and undressed so much easier than having his pump clipped to his belt. We will be getting one in black too. Thanks Hid-In!"

- Nettie

Double thumbs up…
"Having worn my last pump belt for a couple of years, I can honestly say that yours (Multiway Body Band) is a BIG improvement.  The fastening mechanism is better as you don’t have to try and fasten Velcro behind your back (a huge bonus for a few reasons) and it feels a lot comfier to wear.  Double thumbs up for the body band (though I expect you’ve heard that a lot!)"

- Andy Broomhead, Sheffield

Perfect for pregnancy…
"I cannot recommend the Multiway Body Band highly enough. Firstly, it is incredibly comfortable, important if you're wearing it practically 24/7 as I do. It's sleek, so I can hide it under any of my clothes and also adaptable so I can wear it around several areas of my body. And with no Velcro fastening there's no embarrassing crinkly noises I've experienced with other pump products! I find it washes well too (no bobbly bits) I have had my first one 7 months and it is still like new. I bought two more in different colours to match my outfits if I decide I don't want to hide the band under my clothing. And lastly, for all you mums to be out there, (or planning for the future) I am expecting my first child, and I feel this body band is a god send as I can still fit it comfortably around my growing bump, or under it whilst jeans and leggings and everything else feel far too tight!"

-  Victoria Richardson

Pocket Panties make it much less obvious I wear a pump…
"It took a bit of getting used to having my pump at the front (in Pocket Panties) but once I had got used to it I really liked it! I have the bonus of having the Combo pump so having the remote meaning I didn't have to find my pump every time I needed to bolus. I had no issues with bolusing/connectivity to the pump. They also made it a lot less obvious that I wear my pump"

- Abby Baxter

Keeps my pump safe, discretely close and almost unseen…
"I have been using this cleverly designed body band for my Insight pump since mid- July. It's a great design, and has enabled me to keep my pump safely and discretely close to my body and almost unseen. The bands are not bulky like other stretchy sports bands and are made of soft fabric so can be worn next to the skin with no problems. In the past I have ripped out numerous sets while my pump was in my pocket, when the line got caught on door knobs etc. No more! I have two, one on and one in the wash, and love them!"

- RuthGi

Fits under jeans or bra, around my waist or hips etc…
"I've tried a number of pump belts, but this is easily the best one I've found. It's comfortable and discrete, but it's also secure. I wear one all the time and wherever I'm going and I always know my pump is safe. It's lightweight to wear and washes well. I wear it in different ways depending on the clothes I'm wearing - it fits under my jeans, under my bra, around my waist or hips etc. I have 2 - one black and one white, so any outfit, I'm good to go and the pump stays completely out of sight. I'd recommend it to men as well - it's completely unisex and highly recommended!"

- Julie F

"OMG these pants (Pocket Panties) are bloody brilliant! They work brilliantly under all my slinky work dresses."

- Sarah Crowther, London

Obviously designed by a pump user!
"After 17 years of pump use and at last a belt that is so easy to attach, wash and hide. A perfectly designed simple, flexible comfortable NON BULKY belt, No Velcro nonsense in sight! Obviously designed by a pump user!"

- Carol Ann

Body Band  makes pump virtually unnoticeable…
"The  Multiway Body Band  is virtually unnoticeable worn with a shirt or T-shirt not tucked in – that’s both visually and also how it feels. It is easier to adjust around so there is less free tubing to get tangled. 
We went to a gig the other night and it was definitely better having the pump hidden away, I really forgot that I was wearing it. It’s also more comfortable (unlike the belt clip) sitting on the sofa with my wife/kids on either side – for me and for them.
For 'heavy duty gardening'  it's  been much easier wearing the MBB, with the tubing hidden away so I don’t need to worry about snagging the tube or bashing the pump.
I thought I might use it as an option, but having tried it I would use it for preference for night time, weekends, going out, holidays etc.
I hadn’t expected that I would have such a clear preference for using it over the belt clip. And I’ve only had it for a week!"

- Andy Melling, London

I honestly feel so much happier and more confident…
"This is only my first morning in them (Pocket Panties) but it feels FANTASTIC!!!! Can't  believe how discreet it is and also how I don't even feel it's there (after getting use to it ) It's completely hidden away and will so help with my confidence and the usual attire I wear! This weekend is my birthday and I can’t wait to wear these with a fit & flare dress I’ve been avoiding because of the pump Can't thank u enough.  What an incredible change this will have on me! It may only be "a pair of pants" but I honestly feel so much happier and confident today! Thank you!"

- Amy McIntosh  

I have used it constantly since the first day I received…
”I now have two bands  (Multiway Body Band) so I can have one on and one in the wash! I can truly say I have used it constantly since the day I received the first one, sooo comfy and much better than having to only use trousers & skirts etc with pockets, especially when the pockets aren't deep enough and you hear that clonk in the car - it's fallen out again! And as for the dangly line...... 'nuff said! Thank you for the brilliant idea!”

- Ruth Gibbins, Herefordshire

So much better than any others I've tried…
"Hi, I've just ordered another 2 (Multiway Body Band) I love them so much : ) I look forward to receiving them asap - these bands are so much better than any others I've tried"

- Carolyn Whitehurst, Staffordshire

I barely notice I've got in on…
"I just wanted to let you know I am really happy with my Multiway Body Band, I have worn it every day and night since I received it. It's so comfy, I barely notice I've got in on and it's much easier because I don't have to think where to put my pump now."

- Helen Smith, Chesterfield

Fantastic products for pump users…
"I just wanted to congratulate you on your fantastic products available for pump users. Having recently bought one Multiway Body Band, which arrived promptly and so beautifully presented I have just placed another order. The body band is so comfortable to wear and very well made, and so far away from the medicalised pouches available elsewhere. I wish you every continued success with your business, and appreciate how fortuitous it is from my point of view, that a lingerie designer wears a pump! "

- Shiona Tasker, Dundee

Soft, streamlined and secure…
Received my Hid-In Band (Multiway Body Band) in the post today and after only wearing it for a couple of hours, it's already SUCH an improvement on previous pouches I've used. It's soft, streamlined and comfortable, and keeps my pump secure. I've had lots of issues in the past with my pump slipping out of other pouches - it's not a great look having a strange device swinging from your body when walking in public! Thank you for providing such a great service and product!! 

- Gemma Parker, Bradford

Hubby couldn't tell where it was…
"Thank you so much for my Hid-In belt (Multiway Body Band)! I wore it yesterday & it's so comfy I didn't know it was there until my alarm went off and my boobs vibrated! Hubby couldn't tell where it was. Really easy to do up and resize for me too. Thank you so much! xx" 

- Jules Edwards ‏@Jules1315

Soooo very happy…
"Hi, My mum bought me a black body band a few months ago and then you sent me a white one, I just want to say I am sooo very happy with my bands! I've tried bands before and never liked them and always went back to using a clip so I was a little sceptical when my mum told me she had bought me a band (Multiway Body Band) but I gave it a try anyway and haven't stopped using it since! It's so comfortable that I forget I'm wearing it at times, but not only that it has given me a massive confidence boost! Wearing a clip you could always see it sticking out but with the Hid-In I can wear anything and you can't see it! I love it, thank you!!"

 -  Charlotte Cribbes, Yorkshire

“It's a fantastic idea (Pocket Panties). Great product… Means I won't be tearing any more knickers from using the case with clip, Thank you”

- Daniella, Essex

Soft, so comfortable and easy to wear…
"I received my multi body band (Multiway Body Band) 3 days ago, and I don't need more days to know that this is just wonderful! It is so soft, so comfortable and easy to wear, I just LOVE it. It's worth every penny, I'm very happy!"

- Stephanie Quevedo, USA

YES to empowering T1 ladies!
"Just looking @diarybetic's Hid-In pump pockets (Pocket Panties) YES to empowering T1 ladies! More more more of this is the way forward!"

- Jen Grieves @MissJenGrieves

"Just wanted to say how fantastic the multiway band is (Multiway Body Band). It arrived today and even in the tightest bodycon work dress I can find a little spot for my pump. It's so comfy too. I will definitely be back to order more."

- Sarah Crowther, London

Sleeping much more deeply…
"I have been loving the Hid-In belt (Multiway Body Band), especially at night. I  used to put my pump in my pocket or clip it to my waist band, but it’d  fall out or I’d get tangled in it, or it'd dig into when I rolled over, just enough to make my sleep a little restless. But now I sleep with it around my hips in the belt, and it is so snug that I have noticed I’m sleeping much more deeply."

- Hermione, London

Sooo helpful with the pregnancy…
“…I just wanted to say that I love the body band (Multiway Body Band) and it is soo helpful with the pregnancy, even more with all the hospital appointments and scans that I have to go to. I have it just above the bump and just under my boobs. So it's really easy to get too. I think the only thing I could say is does it come in another colour?!”

- Ladyice, 28, East London

“I would like to say that I love the belt holder (Multiway Body Band) it is really comfortable even when I slept with it. I would like to know if your thinking about doing any bra holders thanks x”

- Leila, London

Didn't move one bit even though I danced for 4 hours…
"I wanted to tell you how wonderfully the belt (Multiway Body Band) worked for me, right depth, right look, didn't move one bit even though I danced for 4 hours last Friday night! I'm wearing the lovely pants (Pocket Panties) as we speak as my husband is taking me out for a pre-valentine dinner"

- Nelly, London

Comfortable, practical, neat and discreet…
“I just love it!.. As a pump user of 15 years it has taken this long to find something just perfect to wear to bed. This comfortable, practical, neat and discreet pump belt (Multiway Body Band) was obviously designed with a pump users experience. No useless velcro fastening or insecure pump pocket.”

- Carol, Warlingham, Surrey

Main advantage is it can be hidden…
“I tried the belt (Multiway Body Band) and found it v useful. Good size pocket that secures pump. I can extend it to fit different areas so is good for a variety of body positions.  I use it mainly around bra area, at back and across shoulder.  Main advantage is it can be hidden and won't leave a bulge for figure hugging clothes. It washes really well and it feels lovely, silky soft and feminine, not ugly and like a medical support item"

- Georgina, Hornchurch, Essex

So versatile, I can adapt to fit many outfits…
“As soon as I got it I put it straight on! It’s sooo versatile, I can adapt my outfits and not have to worry about my pump as it gives me soo many options!  
I have a 5 month old baby boy and two dogs who keep me very busy and my last holder got in the way constantly!  I can’t even feel this belt (Multiway Body Band) and since I put it on have forgotten I’m even wearing it ! This is a fabulous product that I highly recommend to any pump user.
Thanks for making pump wearing hassle free X"

- Sian Williams, Plaistow

My clear favourite…
"I've been T1 for a long time and since I got my first pump 4 months ago I've bought various holders to see which was the most comfortable, secure and discreet. On all fronts, the Multiway Body Band is my clear favourite. I wore it to travel to London for a business meeting. I was on and off trains and walking a lot and I couldn't have been more pleased.  It felt secure and was very discreet. Even under a close fitting dress you couldn't see it was there. 
Thank you for a great product!"

- Julie Fewkes, Leeds

Doesn't look at all like a medical accessory…
"I would just like to say how great it is that you are making products for people with insulin pumps, especially as they are created by someone who knows what it's like to wear one.
The pants with the pocket (Pocket Panties) are very pretty, which is a rare thing in the world of diabetes accessories as most things look like medical equipment, not pretty or girly.
The Body Band (Multiway Body Band) is great to use, arrived so nicely packaged... and made in England too!
It's soft, comfortable and doesn't make me think of a medical accessory at all. What's really nice is that whilst being functional it also looks at home amongst my lingerie."

- Bethany Johnson, Doncaster