Custom Made Multiway Body Band

It's difficult enough to find the perfect fitting bra shapes and styles for you, and when you do how can you make your insulin pump less conspicuous in them?
At Hid-In we offer a service to match a Multiway Body Band to your new lingerie set to help your pump to blend in with your other intimates… 

A bespoke Multiway Body Band can make a fantastic gift for a friend, family member or partner for special occasions such as Valentines or Weddings or day to day wear to match a set.

Prices start from £12 for adding pockets, £35 for a custom made Body Band:



  • Choose the largest size brief or vest for us to transform, the more fabric we have to play with the better

  • We can work with less but a 20cm x 14cm fabric piece is ideal

  • Choose stretchy fabric, cotton jersey is good, especially with an elastane/ Lycra content.

  • Printed jersey works really well

  • Some laces work, please see the pictures

  • The fabric needs to be strong enough to hold your pump

  • The less see-through the fabric, the less you’ll see your pump

  • The elastic we use for the belt part is BLACK or WHITE only so the lingerie you choose needs to match … BLACK WORKS BEST. We cannot (yet) dye elastics to colours to match your lingerie, please see the pictures

To get things started send:

1.    Pictures of the full set of the lingerie
2.    Brief description
3.    Fabric content (as written on the label)


As soon as we have reviewed your request we will get back to you and arrange payment before setting up the order. 

Orders take 28 days to complete

Prices  starting from £35