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We are happy to support Pump Representatives for all major pump companies, DSNs, Nurses, Educators and Pump Advocates, Type 1 groups and organisations by sending out samples to help to demonstrate effective, attractive, discrete and versatile solutions to the important question “Where do I put my pump?”

Over 7 years we have researched and developed a wide range of successful products and services to suit everyone from babies and toddlers through to children and adults of both sexes, all ages and for all occupations. Through our Sewing Room we can even offer a Custom Made service for those with special and individual needs.
Hid-In accessories help keep a pump safe and comfortable, integrate it into individual lifestyles and even help it disappear both physically, mentally and visually if that is what an individual would like.

Please fill in this form and we will be delighted to send out a range of accessories, information and discounts to help you to show potential and existing pumpers some popular, well tried and tested ways to wear and access their pumps.  

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