Where to put your pump in a flared dress?

When wearing dresses that are not fitted at hips and waist it is really easy to tuck your pump away using the Pocket Panties or Multiway Body Belt. Pockets, patterns and prints are your friends when buying dresses… and gathering and pleats are great to hide pump bumps…

Ideas for all pumps

  • Keep it in Pocket Panties and use your pockets as access… like on the dress shown. Cut a small hole in the pocket to put your hand through to access your pump. That way it is secure, won't swing around when you walk and can’t fall out. Particularly useful for lightweight dresses
  • Use the Multiway Body Belt to keep the pump secure and use your pockets to access, as above
  • Wear as a garter so that you can easily access on your thigh when seated
  • The Multiway Body Band can be worn beneath a wide belt and your pump cable threaded through a tiny hole in the seam. If you’re not confident with a needle and thread a dressmaker or repair shop (or a handy Aunty) can help with this!

Hands-Free/ Bluetooth pumps

  • Pocket Panties keep your pump tucked comfortably out of sight, easy and discreet, and always close to the handset
  • Multiway Body Band offers lots of different positions to wear your pump front or back depending o the style of the dress