Where to put your pump in an evening dress...

When wearing evening or 'going out' dresses you can still find somewhere to tuck your pump away. Tight waists aren’t a problem if the dress flares. Be bold with print and texture.

Ideas for all pumps

  • Wear as a garter so that you can easily access it on your thigh when seated
  • The Multiway Body Band and Pocket Knickers are great ways to not worry about your pump on a night out. And they are virtually dance proof!
  • If you need regular access you can consider adding a pocket into side seams of dresses to get access to your Body Band or Pocket Panties. A dressmaker or repair shop (or a crafty Nan) can help with this 
  • Wearing a wrap, jacket or cardigan over a dress means you can wear your pump in the Body Band at the back of dress

Hands-Free/ Bluetooth pumps

  • Pocket Panties keep your pump tucked comfortably out of sight, easy and discreet, and always close to the handset
  • The Multiway Body Band offers lots of different positions to wear your pump depending on the style of the dress
  • Bows are great to hide a pump